So you're interested in a Brain Balancing session..

What is a Balancing session? 

I help you balance both sides of the brain so you're not using one side more than the other when looking to get rid of an old belief and establishing  a new belief.  I then use muscle testing to confirm your subconscious mind has accepted the new neuropathways and that the new belief has actually been established in your body.
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Benefit 1

No more guessing whether you believe what you say you believe.

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Benefit 2

You actually have the experience of the new neuropathway established in your body, confirmed by your subconscious mind. 

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Benefit 3

No more having to remember or repeat affirmations over and over.
-No more needing to have long conversations about the past in order to experience transformation in your life.

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You've been on your healing journey for a long time...

The healing journey never really ends as you and I keep experiencing different iterations of ourselves - and from your new perspective you may find you want or need to do inner work from your new perspective. AND it no longer needs to take a long time or have your continuous focus on it. 
Create new neuropathways in as little as 1 hour and experience the proof of it immediately.