So you want to...ditch reliving the same frustrating experiences, stop rehashing old, painful stories for years with no change, AND experience effortless & rapid transformation?


I am your guide to identifying and assisting you to rewrite and rewire the current unconscious messaging getting in the way and effecting your daily life.  Once we identify your  unconscious messaging, you're ready to Rewrite & Rewire.

My clients have started to experience the immediate effects of Rewriting & Rewiring their unconscious messaging allowing them to get out of their own way more effortlessly and start living the lives they want.

Some examples of what I've done for my clients:
-Starting that program they've wanted to start
-Getting over having writers block for years
-No longer experiencing the weight of worrying about weight management
-Seeing themselves differently therefore calling in higher-paying clients
-More positive energy for longer periods of time
-Moving on from long-held guilt
-Selling their first online product
-Creating days so beautiful they're scared to go to sleep because they'll miss something
-Being able to charge more without feeling guilty

...and much more... 

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Lisa Scott, Metaphysician Intuitive Guide, Manifest Coach, Brain Balance Coach

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Benefit 1

No more spending years rehashing old, painful stories

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Benefit 2

Feel the internal weight of years of worry, no longer in your body

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Benefit 3

Effortlessly begin doing what you've felt held back from doing

My client Jerica Glasper shares her experience with my Rewrite/Rewire Your Unconscious Beliefs Program

"You're a Coaches Coach." Jerica


The testimonial starts at 7:00.
Find out:
Why Jerica decided to do a Rewrite/Rewire Session with me in the first place.
What Jerica thought her issue was regarding her weight and what it actually turned out to be. 
How the session flows.


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“Lisa, Thank you soooo for today's rebalancing session. It was divine. There truly are no words in the English dictionary to describe the experience. But I feel all the feels in my heart,mind & body today. Thank you for being a loving guide and space holder during my rebalancing session. Everyone needs to experience this.”

- Jerica Glasper

Writer, Author, Speaker

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“In just one conversation with Lisa around what price to charge for my services, she was able to take me through a series of questions and concepts that both shifted my mindset and empowered me to see from a higher perspective!

I received a breakthrough that untethered me from seeing my service from a simplified angle. 
I was awakened to a more expansive point of view. 
I now know It's more than just a service "I" provide but most of all, it's about what my clients are receiving, RESULTS! 
I am grateful for Lisa and her gift to get you a swift shift! 
If you're done wasting time or missing the mark book a session with Lisa today, you will be happy you did.”

- Leigh Andrew
PSYCH-K Facilitator
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Transformation Does Not Need To Take A Long Time. You've Only Been Taught It Has To.

STOP rehashing old, painful stories from the past. DITCH reliving frustrating experiences over and over and START experiencing effortless & rapid transformation with the Rewrite/Rewire Your Unconscious Beliefs Package(Includes 3-90 min sessions).